The Importance of Motorcycle Maintenance

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Motorcycle Maintenance Levels

Any serious motorcyclist knows the value of motorcycle maintenance. However, did you know that there are three levels of motorcycle maintenance?

a) Level one: this is the minimum level of maintenance required for you to enjoy a safe ride on your motorcycle.

b) Level two: this is the level of maintenance required for you to keep the value of your treasured bike.

c) Level three: the highest level of maintenance for extreme motorcycle enthusiasts who want to do nothing else other than tinker and experiment in the garage.


Level 1: The absolute minimum for enjoying a safe rideClean Motorcycle

A clean bike is a safe bike.

Your motorcycle has to be washed thoroughly and regularly. This is a simple hack that will enable you to see broken and worn out motorcycle parts. If the bike was covered in dried mud, you would probably fail to identify a loose brake caliper, and this could spell disaster. Dirty air filters will destroy your bike, which is why you should clean your air filters frequently. Make sure you check the following quickly before venturing out on your powerful machine:

  • Service intervals for the motor and suspension
  • Oil levels
  • Brake pads and brake calipers
  • Both front and rear wheel bearings
  • Steering condition
  • The engine and suspension mounting
  • Tire pressure
  • Solving any strange/irregular noises

Level 2: Maintaining the value of the motorcycle

This level is for those with more time to spend in the garage and those with the desire to retain their motorcycles purchase value over the years:

  • Replace cracked rims and check to see that the brake discs are straight and in good condition
  • Change tires if necessary
  • Replace the tubes if necessary
  • Change the brake fluid
  • Grease the pins and strip the calipers
  • Motorcycle grips that are worn out should be replaced quickly
  • Change the throttle, bearings or any levers if there are any issues demanding attExamine the spoke tension and make sure you have tightened any loose ones.ention
  • Make sure that your battery can hold the correct amount of charge for the time indicated in the buyer’s manual. (Tips for making your battery last longer)
  • The headstock bearings should be stripped, cleaned and greased, and worn out bearings and linkage bearings in the rear suspension should be changed.
  • Straighten out radiators if they’re bent and old coolant replaced.

You should also polish the bike. The plastics can be showered with fine silicone spray, and the exhaust polished with a kitchen sponge to retain its clean, shiny look.

You do not have to perform all these maintenance tasks at once. You can stagger them over several days or weeks so that you can still take out your bike and have a good time on the road.

Yamaha R1

Level 3: For fanatics, enthusiasts, and perfectionists.

IPassenger Peg Blinkersf you have more time to kill, then you can make the transition from simply maintaining the value of the bike to making improvements. This includes and adding bells and whistles not available on any stock motorcycle:

Proper motorcycle maintenance is key to having a safe, sturdy bike that will stand the test of time.  I hope this article helped you in some way.  If you have any comments feel free to add them below.

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