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Rear View Camera


Rear-View Camera perfect for motorcycles or any vehicle where you need to see behind you!  Easy to set up.



This is a great way to see behind you if you have small mirrors or if you just want extra vision behind you.  This motorcycle rear view camera will help you easily see everything behind you and eliminate your blind spot with a generous 135 degree viewing angle.  Riding with a group can sometimes be difficult if there are a lot of motorcycles close around you.  With the aid of a rear view camera you can easily see what is behind you which you otherwise would not be able to see with mirrors alone because our body is in the way of seeing!

This rear view camera will also provide vision when in full tuck (Depending where you place the monitor of course!)

Camera features a high quality design, including:

-(9 infrared LED’S) for night vision.
-135 Degree Viewing Angle
-Water-Proof + Shock-Proof

Monitor features a bright display which allows you to easily see everything behind you with a small grid on it to help judge distance.

This monitor Includes:

-A built on visor to help shield any sunlight from hitting the monitor.
-High Res picture quality
-4.3″ Screen, perfect size for a bike


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