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Multi-Color LED Kits


Ultimate Multi-Color Kit for full coverage.  Includes a remote with many functions.



Get a multi color LED strip kit with remote for yourself or a loved one! This kit is especially good for those who are unable to decide what color they want.  You can easily light up your entire bike via remote control and choose from various colors and functions.  This led strip kit is made specifically for motorcycles and is the perfect amount of strips in order to get complete coverage of your harley or sports bike.

This kit will give you complete coverage and will really make your bike stand out from others!  All the strips are waterproof and shockproof, so you can still easily wash your bike without worrying about shorting out the LEDs.

If you have any questions about the LEDs or further inquiries don’t hesitate to contact us.

(Red)(Green)(Blue)(Amber/Yellow)(Pink)(Light Blue/Cyan)(White)

-(2) (24 LED) 16″ Multi-Color Strips, 6′ wire
-(4) (9 LED) 6″ Multi-Color Strips, 3′ wire
-(2) (6 LED) 4″ Multi-Color Strips, 3′ wire
-(2) Key FOBs
-(1) Remote Control Box
-(1) Instruction Sheet


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