Aftermarket Motorcycle Fairings – Are They Worth It?

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My Experience With Aftermarket Motorcycle Fairings

Are aftermarket motorcycle fairings worth the investment? There has been a lot of debate on forums about the quality of the fairing kit offered online.  Some people said they were cheap and to only purchase OEM, while others said they have purchased multiple kits. The OEM fairings are extremely expensive, and can be hard to justify the steep price for them. I decided to give it a go and purchase my own ebay fairing kit for my motorcycle.


Before Buying New Fairings

I do have some tips I would recommend before making a purchase. If you purchase on Ebay or Amazon, make sure you find a seller who has a good feedback rating. Be wary of any seller who has bad feedback, not all sellers are equal. When reading the description make sure you pick a kit that has injection molded plastic (most kits do). Please note you will need all the bolts because most kits do not include the bolts needed.

There are many aftermarket motorcycle fairings out there, so the choice is yours on what style you would like. The vendor I purchased from on ebay ( sent out my kit quickly. The packaged arrived in a big box and everything was wrapped and well protected.


Installing Aftermarket vs OEM

Installing the fairings was a little tricky.  The fairings are not a perfect fit, some adjustments were needed in order to put everything together.  It will most likely take you several hours in order to put everything together.  I had to take a file and grind down the areas that need a screw clip.

You will also have to use heat shielding (which is provided) to protect your plastic against the exhaust.  This has double sided tape on it and can be easily installed.  I was also provided with foam to help against vibration.  In my case, I wasn't too picky on the foam and just left it in the box.


My final conclusion

After spending most of the day putting everything together, the end result was amazing.  There are very small imperfections here or there, but they aren't really noticeable.  There are some minor gaps between the fairing pieces, and some areas need take some muscle to line them up. Once everything is said and done, I was extremely impressed and take a look for yourself based on the pictures and make your judgement.


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