We are here to provide you with all your motorcycle led lights and more. We are a new company based out of Wisconsin and our goal is to provide riders with the brightest and most powerful LEDs out there on the market today. We focus on LED strip lighting but also have other accessories available as well. Some of our popular products include our Passenger Peg Blinkers, Side Emitting Audi LED strips, and Rearview Camera. For more information or to request a specific setup Contact Us; or Read More...

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Creating a Monster

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Most of our viewers are thanks to this video. This video was actually produced in the middle of a cold Wisconsin winter. We didn’t get many views at first but then it all... READ MORE

LED Boat Lights

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Adding some LEDs can really improve the look and safety of your boat at night. I recently got a short video and a picture of a friend of mine who was in need... READ MORE